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Press Release: ASB/Silver Streaks Announce Merger

By Arizona Select Basketball, 02/04/19, 2:30PM MST


ASB Continues Organization Expansion, Adds Another Quality Partner

Arizona Select Basketball announces is excited to announce that the Arizona Silver Streaks program will be merging under the Select organization umbrella! This comes as part of multiple partnerships, mergers and various expansions for the ASB organization since it was announced as members of the Girls Under Armour Association this past fall.

"I have always respected the Silver Streaks brand and their staff for all of their work with girls basketball players in Arizona. We have met before about the possibilities of working together but the timing was never right. I have been coaching club ball for over 13 years and the Silver Streaks program would have been entering its 20th year of existence this coming spring. That shows you that they have the right things in mind, they are able to successfully execute them and they have a solid following of players. They have their niche within the state and this merger only enhances both organizations, all of its coaches and most importantly, provides more opportunities and a larger platform for all of the players involved." - Ben Boyd (President, Arizona Select)

The merger was successfully finalized this past week and all parties involved are excited to finally be able to share it! This was another well thought out, well communicated, transparent process from all who were involved. The goal being simple: continuing to provide a better basketball platform for players in Arizona by working together rather than continuing to try to exist within a fractured environment.

"Ben and I have been competing for over 10 years on opposite sidelines and we have always acknowledged each others strengths. Select has placed a lot of players in D1 schools where the Silver Streaks have found our niche with placing players in the D3, NAIA and JuCO levels. There have been multiple discussions over the years about the possibility of merging together but the time was never quite right. After recent discussions and further brainstorming, all parties involved shared a similar vision and goals.....

1) Make basketball better in Arizona
2) Assist players in successfully reaching their highest potential and aspirations of playing collegiate level basketball
3) Start successfully developing players at younger age levels

I have always approached my coaching career in club and high school with complete transparency with the understanding that everything I do is in the best interest of my players and their families. With this approach, I have been blessed to be a part of great high school and club programs and developed relationships with other successful coaches at the club, high school and collegiate levels.

As the Associate Director of the Regional Program for ASB, I am excited to bring all of our resources together, along with my knowledge and experience, working under one organization. I am looking forward to working alongside Ben, Meisha and the rest of the ASB staff to make Arizona basketball better for all players!" - Mike Dominguez (New Associate Director for Regional Program, Arizona Select)

As part of the merger, Arizona Select will now offer four levels within its organization structure. The GUAA Program will house our 17U, 16U and 15U teams that will compete on the GUAA circuit. Our UA RISE Program will house our RISE teams that will compete on the UA RISE circuit. Our Regional Program will house all of our Regional teams to provide an opportunity for players who do not make the GUAA or UA RISE level to still have an opportunity to develop and compete in a quality basketball environment. The fourth level of our program will be for local level teams and fall under the AEA brand. This level is for players looking to continue to develop so they are in better position to make their high school teams and will be overseen by ASB staff and coaches.

"I am excited about bringing the Silver Streaks under the ASB umbrella and having Mike as our new Associated Director of the Regional Program. Mike has expressed his commitment to helping grow and better Arizona basketball for girls and believes in our mission and vision. This opportunity is a great way to continue expanding our footprint throughout the valley and adding quality depth and competition within the Regional Program of ASB." - Meisha Fox (Director of Regional Program, Arizona Select)

"Our recent expansions have been unique, well thought out and strategically put into place to continue to put our organization in a position to help basketball players throughout Arizona at ALL LEVELS of play. I get the feeling that the perception of Arizona Select is that our organization is only for elite players who can afford a high price point. That is nothing close to the real case and our merger with the Silver Streaks and partnership with AIM High Elite will put our organization in a better position to combat these perceptions. Our goal has remained the same regardless of what the perception may be: We want to develop players on and off the court, provide them with a platform for maximum exposure in hopes that they are in a position to receive a scholarship to successfully play basketball at the collegiate level. Through these new relationships and with our new affiliation to Under Armour, our organization is deeper. We have a deeper pool of qualified coaches, we have a deeper network with college coaching contacts, we have a deeper network of players which will allow us to make stronger teams, we have a deeper reach throughout the valley to allow us to recruit players and all of this allows us to operate on a different level from other club teams/programs. We are an organization that will have a ton of resources that will continue to allow us to assist players and families whether this be financially, in the recruiting process or on/off the court. This was about what was best for all of the players in our organizations and creating something bigger, something special.” - Ben Boyd (President, Arizona Select)

Stay tuned for more announcements and information regarding the upcoming season. Registration will open on February 8 (date change) on our website and tryouts will be on March 2 and March 3 at The PHHacility.